Extra Special Occasion

Extra Special Occasion(starting $199)

Optimum Assistance starting***FREE*** REMEMBER FIRST 1 1/2 HOUR OF CONSULTING IS FREE

Extra Special Occasion package is ideal for couples that has made the wedding preparations, but would like to relax and enjoy their wedding day without the stress of all the little details and trying directing the entire events. Variable time in planning and perfecting every phase of your wedding has been done; now it is time to let CLH execute, direct all the elements you have put in place for your wedding day.

With this package clients will receive a consultant to direct wedding day festivities for the ceremony and/or reception. CLH will be responsible for putting all of the elements and details in place on the wedding day. This cost effective package greatly reduces the stress, minimizes supervision of the activities that is occupied with the wedding planning process.

NOTE: For “Day Of” service, the client will take the responsibility of preparing a timeline, confirming details and commitments with vendors, and all other related duties. The consultant will carry out the duties based on the client’s planning, request, and preparations.

“Month Of” planning service can be added. With this addition the consultant will handle preparing the timeline, confirm details with vendors and related duties the client wishes the coordinator oversee.

Your wedding consultant will:

  • Meet with the couple three weeks before the wedding day to discuss the your vision, expectations, event timeline, special instruction, and/or any concerns: (1 hour maximum)
  • Contact all selected vendors prior to your wedding (if needed).  A week before the nuptials, CLH will review contacts with all vendors to confirm arrangements, delivery times, set-ups, etc.
  • Help coordinate and attend your rehearsal (2 hours maximum) Be on-site during set-up and for the deliveries
  • Assist with basic decor (centerpieces, chair covers, sashes décor, etc.) and last minute placement details
  • Direct ceremony and reception from set-up to clean-up or as needed

Attend to all details and any issues that may arise in order for the event to run smoothly, on-time and according to couple’s wishes.

Optimum Assistance

For the client who wants customized details for their wedding event. Couple’s may just need help with certain services; CLH can help create a personalized a la carte package. Anything from assistance with finding qualified wedding professionals, contract review, family issues, etiquette questions or design ideas.

A la create is a simple resource for you to optimize the vision of your occasion. This alternative allows you to pick and choose serves within the different packages to best meet your needs.